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Fill your life with fragrance

My Story

It only took $99 to change my life!  Completely! I signed up with Scentsy before I even saw the warmers!  I smelled Baked Apple Pie and I was sold!  I have always been a fragrance junkie. I loved candles, but they didn't give me enough fragrance.  So I would try all sorts of other ways to fragrance my home -   * Boiling water on the stove with spices in it * Dripping oils, extracts and flavorings onto light bulbs (note - they blow up if you do it when they are hot!) * Sprinkling stuff into my carpet then vacuuming it up (eucalyptus, baby powder, cinnamon - which stains!)
I hate fake smells, like air fresheners.  And even though I did like to burn candles, my memory isn't what it used to be.  I have actually gone to bed with candles burning.  Well, not any more!  Scentsy warmers are great, no flame, no smoke, no worries!  I have mine going 24/7.
The Scentsy Family Company is like a dream come true.  Their motto is: Simplicity. Authenticity. Generosity. I LOVE being a Scentsy consultant.  That $99 was the best money I've ever spent.  Since then I've left my job of 7 years and I'm out on my own!  I can work at home in my jammies or do parties when I want.  I LOVE working for myself.  Almost as much as I love the scents of Scentsy!
To warm up your home, office, car or anywhere - call me now!